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The Concert for Paula Bohovesky - A Celebration of a Life  II

Based on the warm reception for the 2013 Concert, we are in the planning stages for a reprisal in the Spring/Summer of 2017, check back soon to learn more.
Click Here to see some video footage courtesy of the Pearl River Patch
Hear Lois, Paula's mom, comment on her daughter's life, courtesy of the Pearl River Patch

  • Performers in the 2013 Concert:
    • Rockland Conservatory of Music String Orchestra - Anna Teigen, Conductor
    • The Modulators of Pearl River High School
    • Shirley Crabbe, Singer, Class of 1981
    • Mary Ellen Petti [nee Nelligar], Singer, Class of 1982
    • John Carson & Ed Walters, Singers, Class of 1982
    • Chris Murphy & Friends
    • Eileen Ivers
  • Special Guests:
    • Lois Bohovesky - Paula's mom - a poetry reading
    • Sharon Klass - Paula's Art Teacher - reflections
    • Sheila Schonbrun - Paula's Singing Coach - reflections
    • Bob Baird - A Journalist's Journey - historical reflections
    • Rockland County District Attorney -Tom Zugibe - the Petition

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Concert for Paula

"The Concert for Paula Bohovesky: A Celebration of Life" was held on Saturday May 5th from 7:00-8:30 PM at the PRHS Auditorium.  The concert was simply wonderful.  Please visit the Events Page to see 2 short videos of the night. 

Commemorative T-Shirt

Help support the cause by purchasing a commemorative T-shirt, featuring one of Paula's own Batik paintings she called the "Red Angel".

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